5 tips for choosing the right tablet


Initially perceived by many people as a device for pure multimedia consumption, the tablet has become multitasking. At home, at work, or on the go, the criteria to take into account before buying your tablet. Discover without further delay our 4 favorite tablets.

1. The operating system

Unlike the world of smartphones, largely dominated by the two operating systems Android (close to Google) and iOS (available only on Apple mobiles), you will have a third choice for tablets with Windows (from Microsoft). Consider if you do not want to change your work habits with your PC and want to share your files more easily. However, the number of apps available on the latter is limited.

2. The screen

The display quality is very variable on the shelves. Give it great importance if you enjoy watching movies on it and surfing the web for hours on end. Unless you read very little, also pay attention to the definition: the higher the number of pixels per inch (manufacturer data), the more pleasant your reading will be.

3. Autonomy

Unlike smartphones, many tablets provide relatively good battery life. Easily, at least ten hours of use, or at least a day’s work. And even several days in moderate use.

4. Connections

We recommend that you choose a tablet with a SIM card reader if you plan to take it regularly on the road. Firstly because it will save you from having to rely on Wi-Fi in public places, secondly, because the prices of the data connection have fallen sharply and even include use in several European countries. Another thing: a permanent connection increases your chances of locating and recovering your device in case of loss.

5. Can the tablet replace a computer?

Add a keyboard to a tablet, and even a stylus in some cases, and you will have a computer? Not so sure. Because, if the ergonomics of a tablet, augmented by these accessories, can approach a computer, that is not enough. A computer retains much greater flexibility in managing and handling files. Fortunately, and especially with the arrival of the multifunction USB-C socket, Android tablets are becoming more comfortable: they can be connected to USB keys, hard disks, and even an external screen. The latest iPad Pro adopts this connection, a first for an iOS device


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