About Us

Tablets and Smartphones is an app blog – where you’ll find all sorts of most downloaded gaming apps, video, and audio editors.


The Tablets and Smartphones were founded by  William Sousa, a geek and lover of technology and online games. The main objective is to bring knowledge and indicate the best free apps for Android and iOS.

In 2014 I started the journey of earning money working with Google Adsense ads. My professional is industrial radiology.

Right now – I’m devoting my time to studying and taking courses on digital marketing and how to monetize and create successful blogs.


At the beginning of his journey in 2014, Guilherme Sousa faced many problems and financial difficulties to finally find a way to earn money in the right way. Since the present day the blog shares knowledge and about the world of technology and about various types of applications for Android.

” Knowledge alone is not enough. Only when knowledge joins wisdom can a person achieve victory in life. Without wisdom, you cannot distinguish between good and bad people.” — Daisaku Ikeda


  • Guilherme Sousa  –  Founder, Editor.
  • Gabriel Sylar  –  CEO ,  Writing & Editing.