What to do with your old iPhone? Some ideas to give it a second life.


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Since its appearance in 2007, the iPhone has revolutionized the mobile phone industry. Year after year, Apple has continued to evolve its models at a rate that even the consumer cannot keep up.

A bit like the automotive sector, a new iPhone purchased at the time of its launch loses its value and becomes “has been” shortly after (not even a year sometimes), as soon as a new model comes onto the market.

Most people pass up 2 or even 3 new models before changing their iPhone. Following the trend and investing in the latest novelty each time is a mission impossible but above all would be far too expensive.

We now know, it was also an open secret, Apple makes sure to “kill” your iPhone little by little with its almost mandatory updates which have the effect of slowing down considerably the performance of your iPhone.

So whether it’s hype or because your iPhone is in the process of giving up, sooner or later you will have to invest in a newer model. But what to do with your old “precious” in this specific case?

Here are some interesting avenues to explore to give your old iPhone a second life instead of letting it die in the back of a drawer.

Recycle your iPhone

Probably the easiest option for most people and great if you’re just looking to get rid of it. There are many recovery and recycling services for electronic products. It’s free and fast: 

Make a donation

Giving an iPhone that you no longer use to a family member or friend is a very good idea as the person will benefit from a better phone (if you give them it is because they needed it). ) and then it’s an opportunity to please someone by giving them a gift!

Sell ​​the iPhone

Selling your old iPhone could be useful to finance the latest model you want to buy. The amount you get will depend on a number of factors like the model, the amount of memory, its condition, and where you sell it. Do not hesitate to compare the offers and calculate the market price. If it is blocked with an operator, unblock it! This will greatly facilitate the sale:

Give another use to your iPhone

Security camera

And if your old iPhone was able to protect your home from burglaries, it may prove to be a more economical solution than a dedicated IP camera.
Search the iOS App Store for apps that turn an iPhone into a security camera. Some are capable of saving recordings in the cloud, can film continuously, take still images, and even be triggered by motion detection. Find the one that best suits your needs.

Baby monitor

Similar idea to the security camera, an old iPhone can be used as a baby monitor.
Search the app store for a suitable app, such as Cloud Baby Monitor. It allows audio and video transmission and even to play music to help the baby fall asleep.

Vehicle GPS Tracker

GPS tracking systems for your car can cost hundreds of dollars in installation and subscription fees while it is quite possible to locate a vehicle with an iPhone. You just need to discreetly install a 12V power outlet and connect your old iPhone to it. Remember to hide it well!

Then, Apple’s native “Find My Friends” app or a GPS tracking app will allow you to locate the vehicle in the event of theft.

Repair your iPhone

Repairing your iPhone is obviously advantageous from an economic point of view but also ecological.
It may need a little facelift in which case it would be necessary to change its screen. Its performance is not at the top and your iPhone is a bit slow: you have to think about changing the battery.

There are several sites specializing in the repair and sale of parts such as Vitrecran which specializes in iPhone screens. Many repair guides are easily accessible on Youtube as well.

There you have it, you know what you have to do before you get rid of your old companion!

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